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Functional and safe structural works

Steel structures for large structural works, both in the civil and industrial sectors. Steel Line specializes in structural carpentry such as load-bearing structures, canopies, anti-seismic systems, mechanical carpentry with bases, pipelines, platforms, but also carpentry works such as fire escapes, mezzanine structures, external structures, gates, shelters and more.

Steel structures
Road bridges
Industrial bases of various kinds
Mechanical carpentry
Structural carpentry
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From project to finished product, we are always by your side.

Steel Line specializes in both the creation of new infrastructure systems and the refurbishment of existing ones. The new creations, both in the civil and industrial sectors, are designed for the community and shaped to achieve functionality and safety. Steel Line also intervenes on existing structures for their strengthening and maintenance.

Steel Line tackles any project: small or large, simple or complex, routine or demanding and offers technical support and reactive assistance in all phases of the realization of a project, from the executive design to the delivery phases.
Design and execution of steel structures on land and offshore, such as road bridges, pedestrian bridges, stairs, platforms, beams, it is one of the main Italian manufacturers of structural, secondary and access metal carpentry, which operates throughout the world.

Each welding activity takes place under the supervision and coordination of our international welding engineer. Our qualifications and skills are constantly monitored and verified by the main international certification bodies.